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I’m a technical sales leader tasked with assisting the sales reps in generating new market sales in industries such as healthcare, retail, transportation, telecom, and government entities. I am able to
manage the business from lead generation to close, regardless of fulfillment. I regularly conduct POT’s,POC’s and other events and presentations for my customers which include A-C level executives, developers, and system administrators.


A little background on who I am and what I do… I’m a Pre-Sales Engineer for Suse, but I take a different approach to how I handle my business with my customers compared to most “sales” people.
1. I study the products I sell to a granular level, so that I can speak to it’s abilities and actually administrate the products I sell.
2. I believe in educating my customers in the products I have experience with, so that they can make an educated decision in what is a best fit for their environment.
3. I always feel my customers pain – I put myself in my customers shoes, since I have been in their position on the other side of the table; trying to find a solution for their business objectives, dealing with sales people, and remembering what it is like when my experience with them has been less than satisfactory, or may have not had support after the sale….
4. I give my customers the best possible customer service I am capable of, and that alone is enough to make customers want to give me their business.